Reflection Oil on Canvas 14"h x 20"w



The Climb Oil on Canvas 24"h x 33" h 2018



Skehekin Blue Oil on Panel 12"w x 12" h 2018


Her Oil on Panel 12"w x 12"h 2018


Him Oil on Panel 12"w x 12"h 2018


They Oil on Panel 12"w x 12"h 2018


Wave 1 Oil on Canvas 10"h x21"w 2018


Wave 2 Oil on Canvas 10"h x21"w 2018


Reflection Gouache 2018


Marsh Gouache on handmade paper 13"h x 20"w 2018 


Max Oil on Paper 2018

Aquamarine Oil on Paper 2018


This series is about all that we carry with us – the daily burdens, the attitudes, and the regrets that add up and weigh us down.

Carry Oil on Paper 22"w x 30"h 2018

Brutality(Picasso Bust of a Woman) 22"w x 30"h 2018


Objectification (Aristede Maillol La Jeunesse)  22"w x 30"h 2018

Grief (Kåthe Kollwitz) Oil on Paper 22"w x 30"h 2018


©2018 by Tracy R. McFarlane.